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We're answering your q's about relationships, girlboss shit, branding, manifesting, social media, and more! Want your question answered on the show? Send in your questions


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A bit about Sofie

Sofie Von Marricks is the founder of Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch. There she is a life and business stylist for women that want a brand and business that truly stands out and has next-level success.

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Amber-Lee Hot Rich and Humble

A bit about Amber-Lee

Amber-Lee Schneider from is a Business Coach and Chakra + Modern Meditation Expert, supporting women in finding their limitless potential

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Episode 7:

Our Fav Spiritual Sh!t

In today's episode the HRH girls go over their fav daily spiritual practices that put the "humble" in "hot rich + humble" - we're talking crystals, micro meditations, tarot cards and more!


Episode 5:

Your 2017 HRH Forecast

The cards don't lie. Sofie + Amber-Lee are getting woo-woo with Chakra Zodiac Tarot Cards to tell you exactly how the Universe wants YOU to be hot, rich and humble in 2017.

Episode 6:

Jetset Diaries

Today the girls are giving you a list of first class habits that are essential to running your empire abroad. They chat about the beauty of basic b!tch breakfasts, pre-party vegas meditations and more. Check it out!


Episode 3:

Manifest The Money Honey

On today's episode we answer q's about "debt-y"-downers, visualization hacks and dealing with poor-money-mindset boyfriends. 

Episode 1:

Dream Guys, Dream Jobs and Down Ass Bitches

In the debut episode, the HRH girls answer q's on manifesting a dreamboat relationship, saying "boy bye!" to your 9 to 5, and being a down ass bitch.

Episode 4:

Surviving the Holidaze

On today's episode it's about how to resist overindulging, how to set goals that stick + dealing/ family drama & enjoying festivities the HRH way.

Episode 2: 

Solopreneur Struggles

In this episode the HRH girls answer q's all about the struggles of being in biz for yourself. They end up talking about VAIN writing, the surprising thing they could care less about in marketing, and teach a branding 101 class.



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